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People depend on electricity now more than ever. It keeps us connected to the world around us, it keeps our food fresh, it drives industries worldwide. Because we all depend on electricity to get us through the days, you need to make sure that your home or business is wired correctly by a trained professional.

PV Installations

Choose from the different types of installations and our technician will advise you on which one suits your needs.

  • Standalone Installation (Get off the Grid)
  • Hybrid Installation (Add a Small Wind turbine or a Generator to your PV installation)
  • Grid-tied Installation (Beat Load-shedding when it happens)
  • Standby Installation ( Connect to your source during power outages)
  • Solar Water Pump Installations

All PV installations are done by a professional team of installers and then signed off by a certified Technician who is a holder of a PV Green Card. Get your existing PV installation signed off by a PV Green card holder.

General Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repair of factory and Pack Store equipment. Fault finding and Rectification on electric motors and their connection to machines. Includes among others:-.

  • Fault-finding and rectification on motors (AC single & 3phase and DC) and associated circuits.
  • Conveyor belts
  • Electric fans and blowers
  • Overhead cranes

Consult us regarding the type of machinery you have and we will provide the solution to reduce machine down time.

Machine Servicing

Be it Preventative maintenance or Breakdowns during production time, just consult us for quick professional service to reduce your downtime.

Rely on our service during Major Factory Shutdowns or service your Pack store or Water Pump stations during off seasons.

You can relax on your holiday rest assured that machines will be well oiled ready for the new season.

Small Wind turbine Installation

Do you stay in a wind area? Then you may to want consider installing a Wind Turbine to harness it.

We have the right Wind Turbine for you to suit your needs. You may consider a Wind turbine to be your sole power provider or you can use it together with your existing PV installation or you can tie it to the grid (providing power during load shedding)

A wind turbine is your solution when your PV installation is not producing at its maximum, on cloudy days or during winter months.

Why Choose Us?

Whenever there is an electrical issue in your home, we have the expertise to handle. It doesn’t matter if the job is big or small, you can always expect quality workmanship and exceptional professionalism from Raygrid Electric’s residential electricians. There are obvious inconveniences that come with unreliable electricity, but there are bigger concerns than spoiled food or not being able to check your inbox. When your home or business’s wiring, or even just a small feature of it, hasn’t been connected by a trained professional, you have to be prepared for the possibility of an electrical fire.

There is too much in your home and business to choose an unqualified contractor to handle your electrical needs. If you want to ensure the security, function and efficiency of your electricity, it starts with a call to Raygrid Electric. Whenever you need help with anything related to your home or business’s electrical services, give Raygrid Electric a call and we’ll be happy to assist you..

Our Services

Save on your monthly elctrical bill or move off the grid
Problems with or malfunction of electric control circuits
Living in a windy area? Harness the wind go green with a small wind turbine
Problems with electric motors, factory machines and pump staions